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Director of the Lithuanian Social Sciences Center prof. Dr. Boguslavas Gruževskis and general director of the Lithuanian National Martynas Mažvydas Library prof. Dr. Renaldas Gudauskas October 13 signed a mutual cooperation agreement.

The essence of the agreement is inter-institutional cooperation in carrying out research activities and dissemination of research results, exchanging information useful to both parties, aiming at the implementation of public policy decisions and innovations based on scientific knowledge, strengthening the cohesion of science, business and society. The contract foresees opportunities to organize the publication of the works of researchers of the Lithuanian Social Sciences Center in the scientific journals of the National Library; participate together in ongoing research and projects in the field of science; to provide bibliographic listing services with the right of priority; to organize database use training for center researchers as needed; provide access to analytical materials prepared by the National Library, etc. In addition, cooperation in organizing and implementing joint educational events, other activities, exchanging knowledge and experience in the fields of science and public life is foreseen.

After signing the contract, the director of the center B. Gruževskis noted that cooperation with the National Library is motivated by the need to more widely disclose the results of social science research to the Lithuanian public and to more effectively and comprehensively use the potential of scientists, revealing to the world the cultural and social content of modern Lithuania.


The author of the photos is Vygaudas Juozaitis (National Library).

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