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The book analyses two recent EU family law instruments, the Regulation on the matrimonial property regime (Regulation (EU) 2016/1103) and the Regulation on the property consequences of registered partnerships (Regulation (EU) 2016/1104), together referred to as the “twin” Regulations. The book aims not only to shed light on the substance of the provisions of the Regulations, but also to take a broader look at and discuss issues that are closely related to the legal regimes of matrimonial and partner property. The authors also review the relevant case law of the CJEU and national case law.

The book has been written by scholars from five EU countries: Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia and Lithuania. The scientific editors of the book are Dr Lucia Ruggeri, professor at the University of Camerino, Agnė Limantė, senior researcher at the Lithuanian Centre for Social Sciences’ Institute of Law, and Dr Neža Pogorelčnik Vogrinc, associate professor at the University of Ljubljana.

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