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From border control to policing and welfare, governments are using automated facial recognition technology (FRT) to collect taxes, prevent crime, police cities and control immigration. The international conference on Facial Recognition in the Modern State took place on 15th September on Zoom. With 3 keynotes, 26 presenters and over 100 attendees from 5 continents, the conference provided a platform for socio-legal discussion around government use of FRT across domestic and regional jurisdictions in Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Africa. The presenters discussed whether FRT is a legitimate tool to ensure public safety and security; or does it undermine fundamental rights and the rule of law. Building on cultural and legal differences and common trends, the presenters discussed possible future directions in regulating governments’ use of FRT at national, regional and international levels. Conference papers will be published in Cambridge Handbook on Facial Recognition in the Modern State (Cambridge University Press, 2024).

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