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On Monday 19 September 2022, the project team and training participants gathered in Almeria.Spain for the EU-FamPro Conference and Workshop, which was also attended by legal professionals from various European countries.

The event kicked off with an international conference on “Couples’ Property with cross-border Implications: Uniting Academic Discussions and Practical Concerns”. It consisted of three sessions moderated by Professor Ivana Kunda (University of Rijeka), Professor Alba Paños Pérez (University of Almeria) and Associate Professor Neža Pogorelčnik Vogrinc (University of Ljubljana).

This was followed by an international seminar on “Practical Challenges in the Application of the Twin Regulations”. The five sessions of the seminar were moderated by Professor Fátima Pérez Ferrer (University of Almeria), Dr. Agnė Limantė (Institute of Law, Lithuanian Centre of Social Sciences), Associate Professor Sandra Winkler (University of Rijeka), Dr. Nuria Martínez Sanchez (University of Almeria) and Dr. Danijela Vrbljanac (University of Rijeka). The audience had the opportunity to listen to presentations on various topics related to the legal framework of property relations between cross-border couples and the practice in different countries.


SUMMARY OF PROCEEDINGS FOR THE INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR (Workshop: “Practical challenges in the application of the twin regulations”)

“The EU-FamPro team has prepared a set of summaries of the presentations of the International Seminar “Practical Challenges in the Application of the Twin Regulations” (Almeria, 19 September 2022). It is attached in this link.

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