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Due to increased mobility of EU citizens and a growing number of cross-border couples in the EU, the legal practitioners are confronted with issues related to European family and succession law more than ever before. Providing useful legal counsel or making decisions in such matters may, however, prove to be demanding, considering the numerous EU private international law regulations in the field.


To facilitate the work of legal practitioners, the researchers of the EU-FamPro project designed an E-Training on EU Family Property Regimes, which is dedicated to cross-border cases concerning matrimonial property regimes, property consequences of registered partnerships and their interplay with succession matters.

The course, which will take place exclusively online for 5 weeks (4 April 2022 – 9 May 2022) is aimed at judges, attorneys, notaries, mediators and other legal professionals, who wish to extend their knowledge regarding the EU Matrimonial Property Regulation and the Regulation on the property consequences of registered partnerships. It is divided into 5 units, which include video lessons, lecture notes, article-by-article commentary, conceptual maps, case summaries, interviews with practitioners, live webinars and more. The course is free of charge and opened to legal professionals from Italy, Spain, Croatia, Slovenian and Lithuania.


Detailed information about the e-training may be found in the attached leaflet.


The registration will open on 24 January 2022 and close on 25 March 2022. Please fill in the form available at the following link.


Additional questions are welcomed at


Join us and help us build an international network of legal professionals in the field of EU family and succession law!

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