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A scientific article by Dr Salomėja Zaksaitė, a researcher at the Centre for Social Sciences, Institute of Law, has been published in the prestigious Springer publishing house.
The article is of relevance to the academic community, lawyers and the general public, as it contextualises the case of January 13 and the events of January 13 in the context of other trials, criminological theories and protests. The themes of selective justice, the apparently unlawful order to kill and edgework are explored.

The article “Lithuania’s “Bloody Sunday”: a criminological and legal approach” was published in the scientific journal „Crime Prevention and Community Safety“.

The scientific article is available at the following link.


The article was prepared within the framework of the project “The Case and Events of January 13: A Legal, Criminological and Historical Study” (SAUSIO13) funded by the Lithuanian Science Council under the State Programme for Lithuanian Studies and Dissemination 2016-2024. The project was funded by the Lithuanian Research Council (LRC), contract No S-LIP-20-14.

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